Dental Lift

Your first visit to the Dental Studio will be unlike any conventional dental visit that you may have experienced before. Using the principles of Smile design, in conjunction with your preferences, we design your ideal smile. The design process will guide you through a series of informed choices and options to give you the best smile yet!
The mouth is a complex machine, without a proper bite, chewing can become impaired, teeth can become worn leading to pain and sensitivity. The jaw and neck can also become sore and may even cause migraines to occur. A complete breakdown seriously compromises aesthetics and can lead to very low self esteem.
Full mouth reconstruction is the use of a variety of dental methods to create the correct relationship between gums, bone, muscle and teeth. This will result in a rejuvenated smile and appearance.
Our prosthedontist Dr Ajay Juneja can evaluate your situation and discuss a tailor made plan to get you back to full oral health.

Our 5 Point Promise To You


We are very experienced and understand teeth, smile design and expectations


We will professionally design your treatment step by step and simplify the information for you to ensure you keep control of your desired outcome


A detailed breakdown of costs and treatment with no hidden extras will be given to you


We provide you with flexible payment options


We provide an exceptional service ensuring a unique experience at the Dental Studio