Cosmetic Bonding is hugely beneficial for covering chips, overlapping, stained and uneven teeth. We create a custom-made, tooth coloured composite that is added to the front surface of your teeth to make them look more natural. There is no need to remove any of the original tooth as the composite material is applied directly to the tooth. A special light is applied to activate the hardening agent in the composite to make it set. The only action required prior to applying the composite is a light buffing/polish of the area being treated.

Our 5 point promise to you:

1We are very experienced and understand teeth, smile design and expectations
2We will professionally design your treatment step by step and simplify the information for you to ensure you keep control of your desired outcome
3A detailed breakdown of costs and treatment with no hidden extras will be given to you
4We provide you with flexible payment options
5We provide an exceptional service ensuring a unique experience at the Dental Studio
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