Insignia braces

Insignia is a fully customized system and unlike traditional orthodontics. Its advanced smile design produces a precise treatment plan created for each unique orthodontic need. It allows a preview of the new smile before treatment begins and can reduce your time in braces by up to 25%. The result is a radiant smile that reflects your individuality.
Dr Firas, our Orthodontics, was the first Insignia certified specialist in the Middle East. His first insignia case was in 2011 and since then many patients have benefited from this system.
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Our 5 Point Promise To You


We are very experienced and understand teeth, smile design and expectations


We will professionally design your treatment step by step and simplify the information for you to ensure you keep control of your desired outcome


A detailed breakdown of costs and treatment with no hidden extras will be given to you


We provide you with flexible payment options


We provide an exceptional service ensuring a unique experience at the Dental Studio