We know how to make you smile.

We believe in putting you first, in treating you with care, love and respect and making you feel at home. We believe in your well-being and in following a more holistic approach. Taking comfort and relaxation seriously with a little indulgence in between. We believe in doing things right, keeping it simple, convenient and hassle-free, blending experience with passion and re-imagining dental care. Because we know it will make you smile.

When I see someone smile, I am at ease. I am delighted, interested, charmed and intrigued. I trust where it comes from and I like what it says.

Dr Jaco Smith – Founder

The Dental Studio was established in 1976 in Jumeirah, Dubai. Since our inception, we have been providing patients with excellent service to improve their dental and oral health. We strive to cater for the differing and ever-changing needs of our patients and we aim to change the perceptions of dentistry in the region by offering world-class dental care in a nurturing environment.

 Our patients remain at the heart of what we do. As such, we were delighted to be inducted into the Leading Dental Centers of the World in 2010. The Dental Studio is also the only Dental Phobia-Certified clinic in the UAE.

Our award-winning team of dental professionals and support staff is amongst the most experienced in their chosen fields. Treatments are carefully designed to meet the needs of each patient – with superb results. But what sets our practice apart is our commitment to delivering excellent patient care and the ability to understand our client’s needs and expectations.

Our expert practitioners share a passion in providing excellent dental service. With our expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, and a comfortable and relaxing environment, we are confident that we can help transform our patients’ smiles and lives for the better.

  • Expert practitioners who are passionate about understanding and meeting your needs
  • Gentle care, delivered in a calm, comfortable and relaxing environment
  • Confidence in our services and trust in those who deliver them

Our hygienists are trained in the latest diagnostic techniques in order to help you maintain a healthy mouth. They educate on the use of fluoride, correct brushing and flossing techniques and the use of additional dental products such as oral probiotics.

Gum TreatmentDental Hygiene

If you have tooth decay or damage we recommend white fillings. In some cases when the tooth lacks sufficient tooth structure a crown or inlay will provide a much better long-term solution. All the repairs we offer will look just like your natural teeth.

Root Canal Treatment |
Jaw Joint Problems |
Children Dentistry |
Inlays Onlays |
White Fillings

Missing teeth can disrupt the function and stability of the masticatory/chewing system and needs to be addressed with either bridges, implants or dentures. By utilising the latest techniques, replacement teeth can appear as natural as your own teeth.

Full Dental Reconstruction |
Dentures |
Dental Implants |

Cosmetic dentistry is fast becoming a top consideration for people looking to reduce the signs of aging and who want to look their best. The Dental Studio is at the forefront of this aesthetic revolution and our dentists use specialised techniques, like Digital smile design, to achieve this for our clients.

Teeth Whitening |
Smile Makeover |
Dental Lift |
Wedding Dentistry |
Tooth Shaping |
Composite Bonding |
Veneers |

Our orthodontics services and high-quality porcelain veneers are widely used to straighten teeth and treat a number of dental issues. Our combined treatments for teeth misalignment and crowding can resolve severe cases of misalignment, discoloration, and worn teeth.

Retainers |
Damon Braces |
Ceramic Braces |
Invisible Braces |
Clear Aligners |
Insignia Braces

No dental insurance? No problem! Our dental plan is a cost-effective way to pay for your annual exams, cleanings, and more! Download our brochure to learn more or give us a call to get started today.

No dental insurance? No problem! Our dental plan is a cost-effective way to pay for your annual exams, cleanings, and more! Download our brochure to learn more or give us a call to get started today.

Your clinic is wonderful, I love the relaxed setting. Thanks so much!

J. Stutthard

To visit a dentist and actually say it was a pleasure! A dentist who can give a pain-free injection can only be good! Thank you.

L. Mare

As someone who has always dreaded this particular visit, I am happy to say coming here has been a very positive experience over the last few years. Excellent treatment, excellent advice and information. The kids had their first positive experience at the dentist too. Thank you very much and keep up the good work.

J. Rowan

Came to see a dentist only because it was Dr Jaco. He is kind and gentle. No pain at all! Thanks a lot!

Y. Rosputko